London Grammar - New Album Release 9th June!

May 22, 2017

London Grammar - New Album Release 9th June!

London Grammer - 

Truth Is A Beautiful Thing

London Grammar burst onto the UK music scene in 2013. They would go on to sell over two million copies of their debut album, If You Wait. And, in the process, Hannah Reid (vocals), Dan Rothman (guitars) and Dot Major (drums, electronics) collected an Ivor Novello, two AIM Awards, a Brit nomination and the iTunes’ Album Of The Year honour.

From a standing start – three students at Nottingham University get together, muck around writing and playing, discover they have an alchemical gift for melodic and sonic gold; play pub gig in Camden in December 2010; sign to Ministry Of Sound; record DIY album in Rothman’s family’s garage – London Grammar and their music took off at bewildering speed.

The trio’s intoxicating mix of soulful electronics, techno-folk and Reid’s stop-you-in-your-tracks vocals was bewitching on record, and stunning on stage – and beyond: the band often had a good foot on the dancefloor, as most obviously evidenced on Reid’s collaboration with Disclosure on the DJ/producer duo’s track Help Me Lose My Mind. And London Grammar became global Grammar: If You Wait travelled everywhere.

“Truth Is A Beautiful Thing is really similar to If You Wait – it just came out in half an hour,” says Reid of her devastating piano ballad. “I didn’t necessarily know what it was about, it was just pure self-expression. Maybe [it’s about] everything we’ve been though as a band. We share the same experience, more than we realised. Other personal stuff is in there too. And, like a couple of the other songs, it’s about perspective – you lose all perspective if you’re isolated, in whatever experience, not just touring.”

Forget all the awards and the huge worldwide sales. London Grammar are still that band of friends in the garage, doing what comes naturally, and doing what they love.

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