The Beatles...It Was 50 Years Ago Today!

May 03, 2017

The Beatles...It Was 50 Years Ago Today!

The Making of Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band...

Music Documentary: DOUBLE DISC DVD AND BD celebrating 50 years since The Beatles released one of the most iconic albums of all time - SGT. PEPPER’S LONELY HEARTS CLUB BAND

Featuring interviews with former employees, fellow musicians, family members, journalists and footage unseen for more than four decades. The 4.5 hours of exclusive bonus material Includes:

•Liverpool/London Introduced by Alan G. Parker - 09:16
•Director and Producer interviews - 16:54
•The Bootleg Beatles - 39:20
•Andy Peebles – John Lennon Interview December ’80 - 25:21
•Pete Best – Interview at The Hard Day’s Night - 01:01:24
•Julia Baird (John Lennon’s sister) – Interview - 42:04
•John Lennon Blue Plaque - 10:34
•The Merseybeat - 01:24:08
•Ringo archive - 01:26

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