Black Swan (2010)

Refunds & Returns Policy

Directed By:  Allison Hord, Anna Wenger

Starring:  Lyle Friederichs, Allison Hord, Erin La Rosa, Christin Trogan, Bob Turton, Anna Wenger

Year: 2011


The joke here is that this sequel is about the spread of a disease that sees women all over the world turning into crazy Natalie Portman Black Swan characters in response to men doing anything wrong. So when a guy can't pay for dinner his partner coughs up black feathers, a cheating man gets a text with the famous eye makeup picture and, well, lots of others get the eye-makeup treatment. That's the joke and to make it work the short film needed to be better than this one. As a mock trailer it is a bit too easy and light in terms of structure and it needed more of a 'trailer' feel to it as opposed to a sketch ? which is always how it felt. At first the joke is solid but unfortunately the short film just repeats variations of it and it gets less funny every time. A shame because it was amusing at first but it didn't have any real build to it beyond just doing the same joke but progressively louder. As with a lot of the Funny or Die shorts I have watched these last few days ? good idea but needed more work.



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Refunds & Returns Policy

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