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The Sylvanian Families DVD features 4 adorable stories; The Lucky Mascot - When Birch Timbertop goes exploring for flints and arrow heads he finds something else too! Something that causes excitment and trouble at the Sylvania School. The Camping Holiday - Grandfather Ernest Evergreen loves inventing things, but his inventions never quite turn out how he expects them to. When he makes some playpens for the Sylvanian babies, everyone gets a lovely surprise! Fun at the Fair - When Scarlett Slydale accidentally throws a cream cake at her school teacher, Aristotle Treefellow, there certainly is lots of 'Fun at the Fair'! Lucky Clover - Misty Waters wants to be in Rusty Wildwood's band. The trouble is she can't play a musical instrument or sing a song. But when she finds a four leaf clover... Each story is told by Bernard Cribbins and lasts for approximately 10 minutes. These Sylvanian stories on DVD are a lovely gift for girls.

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